Bistro Filipino by Chef Laudico

To commemorate Mothers’ Day, my family and I had a delightful brunch in Bistro Filipino by Chef Laudico this morning. It’s an order-all-you-can type of setting, which is surprisingly gives you a good break from all the brouhahas of a traditional buffet. Your server gives you a menu of wonderfully concocted dishes by Chef Rolando and his wife, Jackie, and it’s up to you to choose anything you wanna gobble up, from the appetizer to the dessert. And the promise holds true; you can order as much of a dish as you want.

I brought my family to this restaurant, because I also wanted to write about it for my food article in Feature Writing class. The food was amazing, but that was already a given, based on all the comments I got from people prior to visiting the place. What made a regular restaurant visit a complete foodie experience was the service we got from the staff of Bistro Filipino, and from the chefs themselves.

Chef Rolando and Chef Jackie kept passing by our table, even though they were fully-booked that morning, chatting with us and listening to whatever praises and suggestions we had to say. My dad kept on reiterating that I was writing about their restaurant, which would then be followed by an impressed look from the chefs, but I of course I had to add that I was only doing it for class, and my review wasn’t going to be published anywhere.

Nevertheless, they treated me like a true food critic, giving me information on all their dishes and telling me how they made everything from scratch. Our server, Tito, was also incredibly helpful and entertaining. He would take all of our orders patiently, and serve it as fresh and as quickly as possibly, while finding time to answer our questions in between.

My favorites would be the Kangkong Crisps for the appetizer, though the Ubod Spring Roll is also a must-try, being the restaurant’s best-seller. The Prawn Sinigang Martini soup was a show stealer, and I honestly did not know what to make of it, but I kept on sipping it up anyway. The 3 Kinds of Mango Salad is straightforward enough, but what made the dish extra special was the fried kesong puti on top of fresh greens and the juicy mangoes. The Salt-Crusted Tilapia was my favorite main course, although the Wagyu and Lengua Estofado made me grateful for the very first time that I was letting myself eat meat already.

And for dessert, I had seconds and thirds of the Molten Chocolate Cake. It’s to die for, plus you get to see a little bit of heaven after.

Take time to visit Bistro Filipino by Chef Laudico one of these days- make it a part of your summer bucket list! They’re only open for lunch and dinner, and it’s best to call up for a reservation, since they’re full on most days. Bistro Filipino is located at Net 2 Building, 3rd Avenue Corner 28th Street, The Fort. It’s around the area of McKinley McDonalds. Contact them at 8560634, 09178002433 and 09178982433.

Don’t forget to look for Tito!


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